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Javelin DNA Series Serves Large Greek Bank

Serving Banks & Credit Unions for over 40 years.

Collaboration with Partner: NBS Technologies worked in collaboration with Mellon Technologies Greece with a turnkey Instant Issuance Solution to one of the oldest and largest central Banks’ in Greece.

Challenge: To implement an Instant Issuance solution for a well renowned Greek bank that would enable them to issue debit and credit cards at branch level, improve customer service and enhance customer time spent within the branch.

Solution: Four hundred Javelin DNA Card Printers were supplied to fulfil their requested Instant Issuance solution at the beginning of 2020. Both NBS Technologies and Mellon Technologies are long established companies that specialize in financial solutions and have a combined strong presence in Central and South East Europe as well as Cyprus and Turkey.

The preferred Instant Issuance solution from the Bank was for both debit and credit cards to be issued at branch level with the Javelin DNA which is a manual card feed printer. This solution enabled the Bank to control the card stock and maintain the required level of security specified by Europay, Visa and Mastercard. The desired Javelin DNA was integrated with Mellon Technologies instant Issuance software platform.

NBS Technologies and Mellon Technologies Greece, were able to provide the solution requested by the Bank in terms of functionality, quality, price and lead time. A great deal of time was spent understanding the customers needs and requirements and making sure these were fulfilled.

NBS Technologies is proud to work with Mellon Technologies and we believe future collaboration in Financial markets will be extremely beneficial to our customers.

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